High Performance Renovation

by Creative Polymers Inc

Gas Island Renovation

Our 4-Step Process gets the results you need.

Petro Armor

High Performance Renovation System

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What is Petro Armor?

Is a complete package of restoration and maintenance products that are designed to renovate all the typical problems that occur under the gas pump canopy. Creative Polymers

This includes spalled and cracked concrete fuel islands, the corrosion of parts of canopy supports and steel curbing and to renew the appearance and cleanability of the canopy elements.

The system includes epoxy concrete filler, rust inhibit primer, chemical resistance caulk and a high performance polyurethane coating system.

The system is designed to be applied either by a stations maintenace staff or we can supply a network of qualified contractors.

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Problems Under The Canopy

All Gas Stations Islands usually develop many if not all four most common problems over the course of time used. Try Creative Polymer's Petro Armor. We offer a simple 4 Step process solution.

The 4 most common problems

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Key Advantages Of The System

•Ultimate in U.V. and chemical resistance.

• Complete system that addresses corrosion, cracked concrete and final aesthetics.

More Advantages

• High performance polyurethane system.

• Designed to provide outstanding dirt and rubber scuff resistance.

• Can be applied by maintenance staff or call for national contractor.

• Most complete system that addresses corrosion, cracked concrete and final aesthetics.

• Ultimate in U.V. and chemical resistance.

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